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Heidi Anne Breyer is a classically-trained instrumentalist who creates New Age compositions and original, entrancing melodies. Based in the US and born in the UK, Heidi takes an international approach to music composition with influences stemming from Chopin, Bach, and Rachmaninoff to modern performers, whether intentional or not, including Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and George Winston. Heidi’s classical training is paramount for her success, though it is not always in the forefront. At times, her music crosses and parallels New Age, classical, neo-classical, instrumental, neo-jazz, and experimental lines without losing the warmth, charm, and inspirational moods of the compositions.

Heidi explores the New Age ambiances and subtleties of the piano — and other instruments and performers — to near perfection on her most recent release, Another Place and Time. Grammy® Award-winning producer, musician, and Windham Hill Records founder, William Ackerman, lends his talents to this production, and also performs a poignant guitar piece, with Heidi on piano. Released by Winterhall Records in 2010, Another Place and Time hearkens back to a time of classical simplicity and a sweetness seldom heard in contemporary New Age music. Notably, the Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) voted Heidi as the Best New Artist for 2010, while her album garnered Best Instrumental Album: Piano. A review by Bill Binkelman calls it, “a rare gem, a gift from the artist to souls…who hunger for the quieter, more introspective side of music which leads us into our own places and times, filled with memories and wishes.” Furthermore, Another Place and Time contains an award-winning ensemble that adds depth, texture, and tonality to the already breath-taking piano compositions. Heidi’s piano (and vocals) are also joined by David Cullen on guitar; Eugene Friesen on cello; Jeff Oster on flugelhorn; Jill Haley on English horn; Noah Wilding on vocals, and Charlie Bisharat on violin. The cover artwork of a piano and Heidi with her eyes down reflect a humble, classy, and professional character that clearly matches her music on all accords.

Another Place and Time is largely contemporary in tone with noticeable filmic qualities that could easily be included in the latest dramatic film soundtrack or score. In fact, Corin Nelsen says, “Heidi’s music is contemplative and very cinematic…you can feel within it that crucial moment when the lens pulls back and the lead character realizes a huge emotional change and redirects the course of the rest of the film.” Interestingly, Heidi cites Alexander Volkov, a Russian Realist, as inspiration for five of the tracks. Volkov’s paintings of nostalgia, longing, and emptiness, draw comparisons to the musical ‘colors’ inherent in Heidi’s work from an annotative perspective. Corin adds, “Hints of Jazz and Blues add new colors to her already breathtaking soundscapes.”

Heidi’s early formative years were linked through music, dance, and drama at the Arts Educational School in Hertfordshire, UK and later at Trinity College of Music in London. As an adult, Heidi’s music career largely involved teaching piano, performing recitals, accompanying chamber and choral groups, and playing the church organ; she also teaches violin, voice, and music lessons. Importantly, the transformative effects of music can occur at any age, and several years ago, Heidi experienced the explosion of creativity that led to her composing and recording career. Prior to Another Place and Time, Heidi recorded a debut, holiday album titled Winter Light in 2009 that featured traditional and original compositions touching on the Christmas season.

Heidi contemplates, “Our creations are an affirmation of life…whatever form they take, they are the legacy we leave, reflecting the most poignant moments of our short time here.” Heidi believes, “As children we perceive music very physically and allow it to carry us away to a different place…” Perhaps a ‘different place’ conjures up images of another place and time: a place where the sound of Heidi’s piano satisfies a deep yearning for reflective jubilation in everyone’s lives.

Currently, Heidi is recording a new album with Grammy® Award-winning producer and recording engineer Corin Nelsen, and is also producing a DVD collection of her music set to Alexander Volkov’s paintings. She also hosts the monthly radio show “Bridges” on One World Radio, which can be accessed online at www.oneworldradio.org.uk.

Another Place and Time and Winter Light are available on the artist’s website at www.heidibreyer.com, on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, and via New Leaf Distributing (http://newleaf-dist.com/) for specialty retailers; she also has a Music/Band page on Facebook under Heidi Anne Breyer.

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