Help Your Kids Stay Healthy While Watching Television

For years my daughter begged us to get a trampoline for outside but, my husband would never agree to it. Then last year for her birthday she asked “Nana” to get her a mini-trampoline for her birthday. Of course when you ask Nana for something you get it. We decided to put the mini-trampoline in our family room because it was the only place we could find room. It turns out it was the best gift she ever could have received. Now instead of sitting on the sofa watching television, both my kids jump on the trampoline while watching television. So when I realized that my kids could watch their favorite shows while staying healthy I started thinking about what other activities they could do. Here are some other ideas I came up with to keep my kids active while watching television:

Keep a stability ball near the television or in place of a chair at a computer desk. By balancing on the stability ball your children can work out muscles in their legs and core.

If you have enough space, have a rule that kids need to do jumping jacks or jump rope during commercials. Those two activities get the heart rate up fast and burn calories quickly. If you don’t have the space to jump rope, put the jump rope flat on the floor and jump back and forth over it that way.

Many video game systems now have games that make you get up and move. Limit the time your children are allowed to sit and encourage them to play games that make them move.

Resistance bands and one pound weights are also great to keep by the sofa. Children can use resistance bands to exercise various leg and arm muscles while still sitting. 1 pound weights can help build arm strength and to make it even more fun your children can have a competition to see who can do the most.

Remember, even if your children are active while watching television, screen time should be limited to 1-2 hours a day maximum. Also, never let your children eat while watching television. Make children leave the television to have snacks and drinks. These restrictions along with movement while watching television will help your child lead a healthier lifestyle.

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