Hiding Lip Discoloration

Once I turned 40, strange things began to appear on my skin. Skin began to look uneven and I attribute these uneven spots to years of sun bathing. I’ve reaped the consequences with weird brown spots on my cheeks and forehead. Imagine my horror to see them show up on my lips. This normal discoloration is embarrassing but not dangerous; however, I want his eyes on my eyes not my lips when I’m leaning in for a kiss. Luckily today’s makeup science helps me hide lip discoloration giving me a natural even look.

You can do this every day. It only takes an extra minute or two to get perfectly lovely lips. To hide lip discoloration, follow these steps.

Exfoliate with lip scrub weekly using a scrub intended for your lips. Don’t slough lips with body scrub – you’ll harm sensitive skin.

Apply sunscreen balm to lips daily, especially when heading outdoors. This will prevent further spotting and discoloration.

Dab lips with lip primer. Let it dry completely before applying any other products. I like using a stick primer but a liquid primer is good too. Avoid using primers that dry you out too much though. Dryness can make lips peel and crack easily.

Line the lips with a neutral lip liner. Start at the right corner and draw into the center of the lip. Start at the left corner and draw into the center of the lip. Do the same for top and bottom.

Color in the lip lines using the lip liner. This makes a solid base that will stay in place throughout the day, hiding lip discoloration.

Brush on skin-toned lipstick or for drama, apply a lip color with bold color. I like a brush but you can use a tube too. On days when I want something more natural, I use a gloss. The lip liner does a great job of hiding my spots.

You’ll have to keep a lipstick mirror and a few tools in your purse but there is no reason in the world you can’t control those spots. If you find your lip spots a bit too dark or hard to hide, tap the lips with foundation after the primer but before using the lip liner. Now, I love my lips again, and so does he!

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