High Paying Associate’s Degrees

Going to a traditional four-year college seems to be the goal for many individuals looking to secure a stable future for themselves. While this may the goal for many, others run into stumbling blocks that may prevent them from attending an expensive university. The option of community college is often looked over or shunned upon. However, there are several associate degrees that can be benefited from and even offer more stable or higher paying salaries than most bachelor’s degrees could. Obtaining a two-year degree in a high paying or demanding field is affordable and not as time consuming as the traditional route. Most community colleges throughout the United States offer flexible class times and even online degrees.

Registered Nurses
Registered nurses are continuously in demand nationwide and are paid quite generously. Two-year colleges offer associate’s degrees in nursing, with traditional to alternate routes, which can often be obtained with face-to-face, online and actual hospital instruction. According to salary.com, registered nurses in Houston, TX earn a median salary of approximately $65,000. Obtaining an ADN can make a positive turn in one’s life career and education wise, but taking the next step to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can offer even more job security.

Respiratory Therapists
A respiratory therapist is trained specifically in the field of diagnosing and treating disorders and illnesses associated with the respiratory system. Even though respiratory therapist work under the direction of a doctor, they are professionally trained to work in hospitals, clinics and even aboard air ambulances to treat patients having breathing difficulties. Salary.com reports the average annual salary for respiratory therapists to be around $50,000.

Computer Specialists
In 2006, CNN reported that computer specialists earn an average salary of $59,480, depending on the employer. An associate’s degree of science in any computer-related field could guarantee skills, though; the technology field is ever-changing. Therefore, careful planning and research should be implemented prior to beginning study to be sure you receive training in a valuable department. Computer specialists include information technology specialists, database administrators and software developers.

Paralegals perform law-related duties under the direction of judges and attorneys. Paralegals actually perform some of the same duties as lawyers, but are not licensed to offer any legal advice. Paralegals work in law firms, court houses and for government agencies. The median percentage of paralegals can expect to earn $36,000- $50,000, with only a two year associate’s degree.

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