Hillsburgh and Toronto CSA Program – Enjoy Local Organic Produce

If you are looking for a Community Shared Agriculture in Toronto or nearby, Everdale’s Harvest Share program might be a great option for you. I love the variety of organic fruits, herbs and veggies it offers (over 60), the flexibility and the many events and experiences the farm itself offers if you decide to visit.

Everdale is an organic farm and also an environmental learning center. It is located in Hillsburg, 65 minutes northwest from Toronto. There are two membership options, depending on which pickup location is closest to you:

In the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto (187 Brunswick Ave.): Tuesday 3:30-7 pm At the farm in Hillsburgh, Erin township: Thursday 3-8 pm or Saturday 8:30-11:30 am

Everdale offers a much greater variety of local organic fruits and vegetables than you can find in any grocery store. Everdale farmers grow over 30 crops of those on their website. And even more types of veggies and fruits come from the other organic farms near Everdale.

I also like that Everdale’s Harvest Share program allows you to choose your own produce. They set up their stand just as at the Farmer’s Market at the pickup location. However, each item has a point value assigned to it, not a dollar value. You can pick the items you like yourself based on the size of the share you choose when signing up for the program. There are four share sizes: Small (8 points), Medium (12 points), Large (18 points) and Extra Large (24 points). And for example, a bunch of carrots is 1 point. There are no checkups or lineups, you simply sign your name and pick from the selection whatever you like for the points you have.

The Summer Harvest Share program begins in mid-June and runs until the end of October. This gives you the maximum of 20 weeks. However, you are also given a choice of the number of weeks you would like to pick up your share. This flexibility is especially convenient if you are going away during the summer for a couple of weeks.

In addition to their Summer Harvest Share Program, this year they offered Fall Share Program at Toronto location) and Winter Share Program at Hillsburgh location.

This Toronto CSA program is a great way to ensure that your family enjoys local organic produce. And I do recommend visiting the farm to see green technologies at work and to enjoy great events.

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