Hip Hop Culture for the Masses

Rap is much more than just a song. Hip Hop truly offers more to its fans than any other music genre. It isn’t just about good lyrics and banging instrumentals. Hip Hop has united many diverse cultures and started its own. Most people will claim that Hip Hop is the most innovative music genre in the world.
Rap has been changing ever since it was started in New York in the 1970s. The beats have changed drastically. Rappers have developed modern rhyme schemes and flows also. But the music isn’t the only thing that is notable. Hip Hop isn’t all about what is said in the new track. It isn’t even about who has the deepest or most complex lyrics. The most essential thing about Hip Hop is that it has fashioned its own lifestyle. From its own dialect to its own style, Hip Hop has changed the world!
Most fanatical Hip Hop followers have taken on the culture of the music and their beliefs reveal that. Initially, Hip Hop life was made of 4 evenly valuable categories. The four parts of Hip Hop are DJ’s, rappers, B-Boys, and graffiti artists. Rappers have taken the crown in Rap while the other 3 factors stay below the surface.
Hip Hop has the most unique music compared to every other mainstream genre. You can hear every separate emotion portrayed through numerous Hip Hop songs. The radio has placed a stereotype on Hip Hop that it is just about sex and celebrations, which is the farthest from the reality. Instrumentals are also exceedingly unique compared to every other music genre. Hip Hop music has utilized approximately every instrument in the world at some point or another.
Rappers are much different than any other singer in any other music genre. They are not limited to a certain key or a certain amount of words to fit the beat. They don’t even need a good voice at all. All they need is good lyrics and a decent delivery on the microphone. Hip Hop allows artists to write music about anything they want to. Just as poetry can be about anything, so can a Hip Hop song.
The radio makes people judge Hip Hop music the wrong way. You should think about that before you start making false accusations about Rap music. Hip Hop music is always changing along with how the world is changing. For all the other popular genres, not much has changed over the last couple of decades. Hip Hop adapts with the changes in the world and it popular because of that. You may hear a lot of songs right now about dancing and partying, but that’s not what Hip Hop is exclusively about.

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