Holiday Names the Census Bureau Forgot

The U.S Census Bureau, because they obviously have nothing better to do with your tax money, has shared these place names associated with the holiday season. They include:

North Pole, Alaska Santa Claus, Ind. Santa Claus, Ga. Noel, Mo Rudolph, Wis. Dasher, Ga. Snowflake, Ariz. A dozen places named Holly, including Holly Springs, Miss. and Mount Holly, N.C.

But wait, there is more! In keeping with the holiday spirits, here are some holiday names the Census Bureau left off the list.

Over the Limit, Arizona Fruitcake, Rhode Island Reindeer Stew, Idaho Elf Bowling, Alabama Frosty Melt, Missouri Returns, Nebraska Re-gift, Minnesota Dead Tree, Iowa Shattered Dreams, Nebraska Spiced Punch, Florida Is Your Mother Leaving, New Mexico Empty Wallet, Wisconsin Debt Mountain, Colorado Dead Elf, Oklahoma Overdrawn, Texas Drunken Elf, Montana Drowning in Debt Lake, South Dakota Recovery, Georgia Hangover, Mississippi Empty Stocking, Missouri Cheap Skate, Ohio Poverty Row, Illinois Reindeer Farts, Alaska Bounced Check, California Plummeting Reindeer. South Dakota Rum Center, Louisiana Bah Humbug, Rhode Island Busted Toy, Washington Choking Hazard, Nevada Coal Lump, Arkansas Tacky Red Suit, Michigan Charred Reindeer, Oklahoma Busted Sleigh, Utah Red Splatter, Vermont Clogged Chimney, Maine Ticking Gift, Montana Reindeer Falls, New York

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