Holiday Rentals in Spain in Barcelona with Its Living History

When scheduling your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN this year, why not opt for something different and exciting in the vibrant city of Barcelona? We will take a look at what this beautiful city has to offer. Even if you have been here before and if not you will soon see what makes this place so important.

The artistic heart of Spain lies here in Barcelona this is due in part to the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, who made his home here along with Joan Miro. Both of who provided an unbelievable mix of architectural conquests that represents the cutting-edge of style and design. Barcelona is part of the Catalan region of Spain and as a result has its own language, culture and cuisine making it an entity all on its own. Don´t get this exuberant race of people confused with the Spanish or even the Parisian lifestyle which is just down the road, as they have developed over the centuries quite well on their own.

Barcelona’s modernistic style of architecture, or as some people call it Art Nouveau, is attributed to Gaudi who has changed the city’s landscape like no other. To appreciate this genius and his works all you have to do is look around you at the fantastic buildings scattered throughout the city including his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral that stands proud in the L’Eixample district. Gaudi was given the opportunity to design and build his own park called, what else, but the Parc Guell. He used his unique skills to design buildings, sculptures, benches and his former home as well. It’s hard to believe when you walk through this wonderland that all this work is attributed to one man; he even designed some of the street lamps.

In order to soak up some of Barcelona’s true Spanish atmosphere, make your way over to the most famous pedestrian streets in the world: La Rambla. With a length just shy of a mile you will be surprised at how many restaurants, shops, small hotels and tourist attractions it contains. This is often a meeting place for tourists and locals alike and is always a hive of activity. Don’t be in a hurry though: take some time out and enjoy the street performers who often dress in elaborate costumes. These performers sometimes represent works of art and if you take a picture of them they will expect a tip.

To give you some idea of what the 1992 Olympics and 1929 World Exhibition looked like, pay a visit to Montjuic Hill. Besides the spectacular views from the top of this hill there is the Poble Espanyol built for the World Exhibition and one building for the Olympics, both of which exemplifies Spanish architecture. While you are here on the hill take a look through the National Museum of Art, the Archaeological Museum and a gallery dedicated to the well known painter Miro. This gallery is now home to over 300 paintings and sculptures with in excess of 5,000 drawings.

If you can get past Gaudi’s works, the Gothic Quarter is waiting for you to explore not only the oldest structures in the city along with what’s left of the old Roman walls. This medieval part of the city has typical narrow winding streets that normally remain shaded throughout the day. One of the important buildings you need to visit is the medieval Cathedral with a museum inside where you will find the Roman and Visigoth ruins.

If you are up for a stroll to escape your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, take a walk along the promenade that runs along the harbour. It is here that you will find an aquarium, beaches and a marina. If you haven’t already been to Montjuic, there is a cable car located here just waiting to take you to the top. There are also a number of restaurants and bars where you can sit with a cup of coffee and listen to the waves gently rolling ashore.

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