Holiday Table Centerpiece: How to Make a Brown Sugar Sculpture

A holiday table centerpiece adds a creative touch and holiday flair to any table setting. The individuality and love that is present in the centerpiece puts a smile on the face of all who gather at the table. A unique and fun to make holiday centerpiece is a brown sugar sculpture. This beautiful centerpiece is edible, so allow the kids to enjoy a slice after the meal.

Begin the sculpture making process by planning a shopping trip to the local hobby and craft store or a store that sells cake pans in the shape of a Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus or other holiday favorite. Two cake pans are needed that have the same shape but are opposite of one another. Two opposite sides are required so when the sculpture is put together, the two sides will create a full 3D replica.

Two to four bags of brown sugar are required for a brown sugar sculpture that is approximately 10-inches tall and 4-inches deep. Purchase extra brown sugar for larger sculptures.

Pour one to two bags of brown sugar in a large mixing bowl. Add approximately a half of cup of water per bag to the brown sugar. Mix the water and the brown sugar thoroughly. The consistency of the brown sugar is like wet sand when creating a sand castle.

Scoop the wet brown sugar into the cake pan mold. Press firmly. Repeat the process until the brown sugar extends past the top of the mold approximately half an inch. Position the edge of a ruler over the top edge of the mold. Tip the ruler so the thin edge rests on the cake pan. Slide the ruler back and forth across the top of the brown sugar to remove the excess that extends past the top of the mold. Repeat the process with the second mold.

Sprinkle a thin layer of wet brown sugar over the top of one cake mold. Carefully tip the second mold over and line up the edges of the design. Press the two cake molds together. Allow the brown sugar to dry 24 hours.

Carefully lift the top cake pan from the brown sugar sculpture. The dry brown sugar will slide easily from the mold. Cradle the brown sugar sculpture in your dominant hand. Flip the sculpture over so the bottom pan is on top. Remove the cake pan.

Sit the sculpture on a decorative holiday plate. If the sculpture does not sit flat, grate the bottom until it stands evenly. Add holiday garland, bulbs, bows or other decorations around the base to add depth. Express yourself with a brown sugar sculpture at other events such as birthdays, anniversaries and family gatherings. Use the same process, just purchase different cake pan molds.

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