Hollywood’s Power Stylists Are Becoming Stars!

Power stylists have become essential consultants for anyone in the public eye. Whether one is an actress, a politician, or a criminal defendant, public perception can be a game changer. Lawyers have been notorious in cleaning up or toning down clients’ wardrobes, grooming, and makeup. Politicians have known for years that appearance in front of the cameras during debates is key in campaign years. Now, the Hollywood elite hire stylists to their entourage without question. They are becoming the visual publicist.

In the last ten years, as the internet has provided instantaneous posting and access of photos taken during events and the paparazzi have become notorious for making lucrative deals by getting their candid photos into public view, the need for Hollywood stylists has grown tremendously. According to The New York Times, the stylist has just become another “line item” in selling a celebrity’s brand. They need to be on call when a famous figure leaves the security of their homes. Even a trip to the grocery store or gym has some influence of a stylist associated with it.

Stylists also help with other aspects of career, such as endorsement contracts. Stylist Petra Flannery took Mila Kunis from That 70’s Show pretty “mean girl” teenager look into a glamorous sexpot, which secured her a cosmetic contract worth millions as the face of Dior.

Ironically, these star and brand alliances have turned many stylists into household names, overnight. Rachel Zoe is a good example of someone who is photographed more than the clients she works with in some cases.

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