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December 24, 2011

I have returned home to Melbourne after my lecture series and succubus encounter in Dover, Delaware . Mrs. Glean, as always keeps the house most shipshape and welcomed me with a delicious dinner of pot roast, potatoes, carrots and fresh baked bread. It was a meal fit for me!

With all the unexpected activity that I stumbled onto in Dover, Delaware, I have been very busy with my dispatches to the Ancient Order of Knights Inc. The Order is very specific about paperwork and I have been at my desk for several days, both sending dispatches and receiving them. The Order is very curious about this activity, and especially that of the succubus and who she may be working for.

I am currently awaiting feedback from the Order and once received, I will make plans for my next adventure.

In the meantime, I have just had a lovely time resting at home. Of course, there are always the normal upkeep and maintenance issues, but, they are enjoyable and I do get the sense of accomplishment working around the house, although it does wear me out!

I have spent many hours at the Boors Toke Antiquities Shop sitting by the fire and speaking with many of the guests and regulars who have wander in. It is as close to an old English pub as one can find these days here in on the Space Coast. A coffee shop filled with antiques, old tomes, paintings and relics of a bygone era in time, I always find it a restful stop and a place that does my heart good. Of course, the endless cookies and hot tea do add to my pleasure being here.

And, it is also a gather spot for many off us in the business of the unexplained, unusual and unidentified. The three U’s as we jokingly refer to them as we sit by the fire laughing and joking. Here at the Boors Toke, we are able to discuss freely our vocations and avocations into the supernatural activity. Of course, I am the only representative to the Ancient Order of Knights Inc., however, the others do belong to their own respective societies.

This is evening I was sitting with Count William, a lovely chap and a dear old friend who insists on always dressing to the utmost in men’s fashions from another era; high collard dress shirts, bow ties, and a bowler hat (see Photo #1). Count William specializes in the paranormal and more specifically communicating with the dead. The Count has developed quite a reputation among the undead as someone who they can talk with when needed and often serves as a clairvoyant for those in need.

Also, in attendance was Professor Daniel Aranaut of Ancient American Culture. Professor Aranaut specializes in alien history, ancient American cultures and the current buildup around 2012. With the current, excitement of 2012 going on, Professor Aranaut has been most busy and his schedule is filled with speaking engagements across the globe. It was quite the pleasure to see him here at the shop.

So, over numerous cups of tea, served with fresh baked holiday cookies and breads, I delighted the two about my experiences in Dover, going into great detail of the Succubus, the horrific crime scene I came upon and the demon pursuit. However, what got me by surprise was that both men are also finding increased activity in both their respective fields of exploration and study.

The Count informed us of a huge uptick in “ghost chatter.” He was hearing it all times of the day and night and was finding it very difficult to sleep. However, he could not make out what they were saying as ghosts use a higher frequency to communicate among themselves and in this way they keep out us nosy “alive people.” (see photo #2 for a real ghost photo)

This is unusual because ghosts like to live quite, undisturbed lives. They need time to figure things out, sort out what has happened to them and like all of us, just want some time alone. So, if they are talking to one another, much more than what is common, what could this mean?

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