Home Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers

For the arthritis sufferer, learning how to control the pain at home is of tremendous value. There are many different home treatments that the arthritis sufferer can engage in such thermotherapy which can help to reduce the pain.

Thermotherapy or temperature therapy can help to reduce the pain and stiffness that an arthritis sufferer experiences. What thermotherapy is, is the use of cold and hot treatments. The sufferer first numbs the area with cold packs that will help to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Heat is used to relax the muscles and to get the blood flowing.

Sleep therapy is a treatment that is used to help restore energy in the arthritis sufferer. This helps the sufferer to manage the pain they experience. The arthritis patient will find that they not only restore the body’s energy, but, they help to reduce the pressure on the joints which reduces the pain and swelling. With sleep therapy, simply get your seven to nine hours of sleep each night and take a nap when you feel tired.

Relaxation therapy is used to help reduce the pain in the arthritis patient by simply teaching them how to relax. When the patient is relaxed, they feel as though they have better control in their life. Keeping the body and mind calm can help to reduce the pain experienced with arthritis.

Hypnosis is another therapy that puts the patient into a deep relaxation state and allows them to release their thoughts and anxieties. Because it is so relaxing and pleasing, it is effective in helping to reduce pain.

Guided imagery can be used to help the arthritis patient to gain control of their mind and focus on something that takes their mind away from their pain.

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