Hot Summer Air

After the blinding light of the sun
There is nothing and no one
After the bright and dizzying glare
The heat of the summer air
I hear the song of the locusts
Rippling through the day
Not a cloud to be seen
Sun burning my cares away

In the light and the heat
Beating down on me
I find solace in the need
To linger

Like a lizard basking on a rock
No breath to be taken
No energy to talk
Like the trees standing tall
Green and gray and brown
Leaves not flickering at all

In the blinding light of the sun
Nothing moves, not a breath, there’s no one
In the bright and dizzying glare
Nothing but the heat of the air

I feel the kiss on my skin
A warmth that reaches through
And I raise my voice in song
Stretching across the heat of the summer day
To you

Nothing holding me back
Sprawled out under the sky
Staring into the blue
Spreading so high

A wisp of white o’er the sun
Breaks the thickening spell
There’s nothing and no one
Who can tell

In the blinding light of the sun
I draw in his rays
In the heat and the dizzying glare
I relish these hot summer days

For soon they’ll fade
Fade away
And leave me cold
Don’t fade away
Fade away
Like the sky at the edges
Where it turns from blue to white
Where the heat shimmers and dances
Changing distance in the sunlight

In the blinding light of the day
The sun bleaching my world
He travels across the sky
In the heat and dizzying glare
The sun touching my world
And drowning me
Wrapping me
Kissing my skin
In the hot summer air.

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