Hot Toy Picks for Christmas 2011

As Christmas gets closer, time for finding the right gift for your child is running out. With the many different toys out there, parents feel they have met their challenge; however, if you start finding out what toys are at the top of the list now, its not too late.

According to, the first toy listed is the Leapfrog LeapPad Learning Tablet for ages four to nine. As an electronic game for kids, it is designed to educate them in several academic subjects, including math, reading, and science. Among its many features, the LeapPad Tablet offers an interactive story time experience at the movies. Since it can be a bit pricy, I would suggest looking for a sale first. The toy is both fun and educational. For this reason, I would highly recommend Leapfrog LeapPad Learning Tablet for children who fall under this age group.

Maybe you have kids in the age range of eighteen months to four years. If that is the case, you will not want them missing out on the new Let’s Rock! Elmo toy. Rocking Elmo comes with drums, a tambourine, and a microphone. To top it off, kids can join him playing the instruments. Even though the average retail price is sixty three dollars, you can find Let’s Rock! Elmo close to fifty dollars on the Walmart website. Preschoolers are sure to love the music and the interaction with Elmo to create some fun jams.

Yes, even the big kids want toys for Christmas and XBox 360 250GB Bundle with Kinect Sensor & Game is it. Actually, whether your kid is five years old or eighteen years old, you can’t go wrong with this gaming system. Your own words take the place of a remote. With Kinect you can play, pause, or rewind HD movies or live sports by simply telling it to perform these actions. You can do it all with just your voice. Not to mention it comes with built-in Wi-Fi which is a big plus. Expect to pay a little more for something this impressive.

These toys are being labeled as some of the hottest children’s gifts for Christmas this year. They are guaranteed to satisfy your kids. Good luck on the gift of your choice and have a blessed Christmas.

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