Hotel in Akron

My family and I drove to Akron, Ohio for my father to present at an engineering conference. This was the first time my sister and I visited Akron even though it was only an hour and a half away from our home. We noticed upon arriving that the city was a little old, but we didn’t expect much else knowing Ohio in general.

We drove straight to the hotel to put our bags down and unpack a bit prior to eating dinner. My sister and I shared a room adjacent to our parent’s room. We had our own key and was so excited to have a room to ourselves. We all went to eat dinner and returned to the hotel to close the night. My sister and I got ready for bed, we each had our own bed. We turned off the lights and the tv. My sister fell asleep quickly, I did not.

Shortly after tucking ourselves in I heard footsteps outside the door. I did not think much of them since we were in a hotel. The footsteps, however, came into the room. The door had never opened. I quickly put my head under the covers. I heard the footsteps approach my bed and the breath of a person breathing over me. I peeked my head from under the covers and saw nothing, but could still hear the breath. A loud door smacking sound emerged from our room waking my sister and parents up and the breathing and footsteps were gone. The door had never opened or shut.

I was beyond mortified at this point, and did not sleep or turn any lights off after this incident. I also jumped in my sister’s bed for safety. I can honestly say I have yet to revisit that hotel and have no plans to anytime soon.

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