Hotel Review: Four-Star and Four-Diamond Peabody Little Rock in Little Rock, Arkansas

Are you planning a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas? You can enjoy lots of attractions in Little Rock, Arkansas when you stay in the River Market District of Downtown Little Rock. One particular attraction that you will not want to miss is the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum. Need a place to stay? Why not stay at the four-star and four-diamond Peabody Little Rock, located on the banks of the Arkansas River? You can enjoy your day in the River Market District and even watch the Peabody Duck March when you return to the hotel.

Here is what you can expect when you stay at the Peabody Little Rock:

Prime Location. You can easily enter the River Market District of Downtown Little Rock by taking the Cantrell exit from Interstate 30. You’ll find the Peabody Little Rock just minutes away, located at 3 Statehouse Plaza. You can easily visit the Clinton Library, Old Mill, and various other attractions by either walking or riding the trolley, which is a fun activity. Riding the trolley costs little and delivers a lot in the way of the Little Rock experience.

Nicely-Appointed Rooms. All the rooms at the Peabody Little Rock are nice. Just how nice of a room you get depends on how much money you want to spend for a night’s stay. You can get a Deluxe, Superior, or Executive room for varied costs. The rooms come nicely decorated and have most items you’ll need, with the exception of a coffee maker. You can request a coffee maker during your stay; otherwise, a coffee maker won’t be in your room.

*Note: Reservations at the Peabody Little Rock have cancellation policies, so pay close attention to this point as you reserve your room at this four-star and four-diamond hotel. If you’re in the market for a pampered stay, you can enjoy one at the Peabody Little Rock. Just book a stay under the “Specials and Packages” option, but plan on spending somewhere in the range of about $350 up to $10,000 for a night’s stay when booking one of these options.

Friendly Staff. Peabody Little Rock seems to pride itself on friendly and efficient staff, so you can expect friendly service when you stay at this four-star and four-diamond hotel. However, humans do suffer moods, so if you do experience a less-friendly attitude than you would like, try to allow the employee a moment to recuperate. Talk with management if staff rudeness or staff inefficiency is a pattern during your stay.

Signature Food. You can get some really good food when you eat at Capriccio Grill Italian Steakhouse, located in the Peabody Little Rock. This is not the place to eat, though, unless you’re willing to shell out some big bucks. The best way to eat at Capriccio’s is to eat at this restaurant when your company pays for your meal. Otherwise, you may want to save your dollars and eat at a less-expensive restaurant in the area.

Extra Charges. The one big complaint about Peabody Little Rock comes in the form of extra charges. Valet parking is required (unless you want to park down the street). The bad news is that the Peabody Little Rock charges a per day valet parking fee. Other fees may apply, depending on the service. As well, you have tipping to worry about, so you can expect a pricey stay at the Peabody Little Rock, even if you get a discounted room rate.

*The Peabody Little Rock is best for company-paid stays and vacations. An overnight business stay may leave you thinking that you’re staying in a really big hotel with a really big price. Stay at the Peabody Little Rock when you have time to enjoy the experience. You will pay for the experience whether you enjoy it or not. Don’t forget to watch the Duck March.


Peabody Little Rock

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