Household Essentials Satin Silver Expandable Dryer

Lately I have been trying my hand at dying fabrics, and I have been stuck between a rock and a hard place because I don’t have any place to dry the dyed fabrics except for outside (which is limited space for me). Because I shop for the majority of all my sewing needs at Joann fabrics, I found an expandable standing dryer which allows me to hang my dyed fabrics in a safe place without overcrowding or staining my floors.

Because I keep Joann Fabrics coupons, I was able to purchase the household essentials satin silver expandable dryer for half the price. When it arrived I noticed it had to be assembled, but all I had to assemble were the rods which was a quick pop-in-place assembly and that was all. I was glad because once I saw the words “assembly required” I thought there were going to be a million pieces, but that wasn’t the case at all which I loved.

There are about nine hanging rods which is great because it was more than enough space for me to hang multiple pieces of fabric to dry without touching. I like how sturdy the household essentials satin silver expandable dryer is because I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be able to hold a lot of weight, but because the dryer expands out like an accordion it helps the foundation supports the weight. It is also versatile because I tend to put hand wash only garments on it to dry as well.

I like how easy it is to store the expandable dryer once I am finished using it. I have a side closet in my home which is where I store a lot of my sewing equipment, and with the expandable dryer all I had to do was push the ends together and leaned it against the wall in the closet. It didn’t take up any space at all.

Overall, the household essentials satin silver expandable dryer was a great investment for my sewing needs. I needed something I could put my dyed fabrics on or in to dry, and the expandable fryer fulfilled those needs. Although I have limited outside space, I was still able to place the expandable dryer outside and it didn’t take up a lot of space. The assembly was minimal which I thought was a cinch, and I like how spaced out the rods are to place multiple fabrics on to dry. It folds up easily for me to store in a closet without taking up any space at all. This is definitely a product for sewers to have.

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