How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure?

There are many issues that affect our blood pressure. Some of them cause only temporary rises. “White Coat Syndrome” is one of them. Some of us get nervous at the doctor’s office and have a higher recorded set of numbers than would normally be the case.

Some of them cause more permanent rises. Heart disease, obesity, stress and heredity can all play a role in our blood pressure. Fortunately, there are things you can do about it.

Exercise: Exercise may cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. That’s normal, because it has to work harder to keep up with the energy output. However, over time it can also cause blood pressure to come down. Before starting an exercise program, check with your doctor to find out which are safe and how long to work out at the beginning.

Food Choices: Some foods raise blood pressure numbers. Many items containing salt or sodium will do so within half an hour of eating them. Choosing healthy foods can help you lower your numbers and keep them down.

Garlic: Whether it’s in your food or in a supplement, garlic can be very helpful with blood pressure. In fact, I’ve heard cardiologists recommend it to their patients. It is more effective raw, but it is hard on the taste buds and the stomach. Our family uses it both in food and in supplement form.

Hydration: There is a debate about whether dehydration raises or lowers blood pressure. However, a study done shows that over time, adequate hydration can lead to a lower resting blood pressure rate. Yet another reason to consider getting eight glasses a day.

Stress Relief: Stress causes blood pressure to go up, and long term stress causes it to stay up. Stress relief can be one of the most effective tool in bringing those numbers under control. There are a lot of ways of reducing stress, and the choice may be dependent both on the cause and your overall health.

Talk to your doctor about the stress you are dealing with and ask about ways to reduce it. Everything from counseling to medications may be helpful. While there are herbal remedies for stress relief, when high blood pressure is added to the mix, it’s best to work with your doctor. If you want to use natural remedies, bring a list of what you want to take with you.

Weight Loss: You knew it had to be on here. If you are overweight, chances are good that your blood pressure is higher than normal. The more you weigh, the worse the problem becomes. Getting the weight under control is critical to getting your blood pressure under control.

In all of these things, your doctor is going to be your best bet. The doctor can help you choose appropriate exercise routines, counsel you about medications and help you find a nutritionist so that you can align your diet towards a normal blood pressure. You may also want to consult a personal trainer for the exercise. The trainer can help you avoid injuring yourself if you don’t know how to do the routine properly.

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