How Does Watershed Park Fit into the Sky Metalwala Case?

Police have said that items of interest to do with the Sky Metalwala case have been found in Watershed Park, in Kirkland Washington. How does this play into the missing 2-year-old’s case and his mother’s story?

Kirkland, Washington is 6.01 miles from Bellevue. By taking 908 west out of Redmond, a person would only need to head south on 405 to Watershed Park in Kirkland. The map shows Watershed Park backs up to 405. Back onto 405 head south into Bellevue.

Sky Metalwala has been missing since November 6, when the 2-year-old’s mother reported him missing. She told police she was on her way to a hospital in Bellevue because Sky was not feeling well. Julia Biryukova said that she had ran out of gas and rather than waking Sky up, she and her 4-year-old daughter Maile walked a mile to the gas station, leaving Sky strapped in his car seat. When she returned, he was gone. Police have established that the car was not out of gas, and that Biryukova did not mention car trouble to anyone in Bellevue, but walked through a wealthy section of town.

It would be a strange coincidence that a kidnapper would take Sky back towards his home. Kelsey Park Creek, Lake Sammamish,, Meydenbauer Bay, Phantom Lake, Lake Hills, Lake Bellevue, are all in or near Bellevue. It would make no sense to go so far. If you are taking a child to do harm to him, you certainly are not going to want to drive a long distance with possibly a deceased child in your auto.

This all seems to fall into Julia Biryukova’s lap. This route would be easily followed from her home in Redwood to Watershed Park to Bellevue. She is the last one to see the child. She is the one who said he was in the car when she left him there. If the new objects of interest do turn out to belong to Sky, it would seem to point to Biryukova. In emails to ABC Correspondent Neal Karlinsky she said she did not know where Sky was. She said she believe that Solomon Metalwala, the child’s father, was involved in Sky’s disappearance. Police said these emails could have came from family members. Solomon Metalwala said they sound like Biryukova. Solomon Metalwala reported that Biryukova told him of a dream she had where she was strangling Sky. This is troubling to say the least.

The only problem in blaming Metalwala would be there is no evidence that he was anywhere near the scene. He has willingly taken two lie detector tests. It would seem that any alibi that he would have for that time would have certainly been checked out right after Sky went missing. Biryukova, through her attorney, said she was too distraught to take the polygraph. That was right after Sky went missing. She has refused to cooperate with law enforcement. This case is so like the other cases of missing children we have had recently. The mother refuses to help find their child. Hopefully Sky is alive and this will be just a bad dream to those who love that handsome little man. It just does not appear it will turn out that way.

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