How I Have Maintained My Physique Since Retirement

When I retired and moved to my retirement home, I found that the lack of the exercise that my body was used to was taking a toll on my physique. My doctor told me that I had degeneration of the spine, and I had to keep my muscles toned, or become a cripple. I’ve maintained my health to the present age of seventy by inventing projects around my home.


My new retirement home consists of four-plus acres. Because of the presence of coyotes and mountain lions, my dogs could not run free. We needed a fence around the property. I proceeded to drive in fence posts, every ten feet around the property, and stretched fencing to keep the dogs in and the wildlife out. Because I live in the hot desert, I could only work two to three hours in the morning and evening. At the end of that project I noticed my strength had improved.

Root Cellar

With my weight at 240 pounds, and the lack of ideas to keep my muscle tone up, I began digging a hole in my back yard. I had no idea what the hole was for, but I went out every morning and evening and dug in the dirt for a couple hours. My neighbors thought I was crazy and asked what I was building. My answer was “a hole.” I dug in the ground for three years and managed to create a hole that measured 12 feet wide, by 22 feet long and 10 feet deep, with a ramp to walk down to the bottom. I now weigh 200 pounds and, at the age of seventy, I can squat-lift 400 pounds. Digging a hole this size, one shovel full at a time was continuous exercise, and I now have a great root cellar.

Raised Garden

My wife mentioned that she wanted a raised garden, in the back yard, so that the rabbits couldn’t get in and she didn’t need to bend over to work in it. I thought about it while I was digging my hole and decided that it would be a great way to use the extra dirt. It also gave me an alternative to just throwing dirt. I found the material to build the raised garden and when it was finished, I filled it with dirt from the hole.

Retirees must schedule daily exercise. When a person retires and sits around the house day after day, the body begins to break down. Your body has become accustomed to what you demanded of it for many years and if you just quit, you will give up the enjoyment of retirement that you’ve worked for. My two-hour workout routine, each morning, has kept my weight down, maintained control of my blood sugar and provided several upgrades to my property.

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