How I Survive Wintertime with Two Small Children

Today is the first day of snowfall. “Mom, I’m thirsty.” “Mom, do you want to listen to me count to 300?” “Mom, can I watch a movie?” “Mom, did you know Power Rangers can do back flips?” “Mom, I’m hungry.” “Mom, watch this!” I just got home from work an hour ago. “Mom, look at the baby!” “Mom, can we take the baby gate down now?” “Mom, I have to go to the bathroom.” “Mom, can I play outside?” “Mom, is it supper time yet?” And about this time I am checking the clock to see how long until bedtime.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love and adore my children, but my 5-year-old son seems to energize himself at school, and my 11-month-old daughter is learning to walk and getting into everything possible, and the dog barks every time they get a little over-enthusiastic in their playtime. All of this has me wishing we could escape outside to burn off some of this energy, but it is 28 degrees outside and bedtime is hours away. So how do I keep my sanity with these two fireballs whizzing around the room? Here’s a few ideas.


We don’t watch a lot of TV, but I admit that some days we do watch too many movies. If I’m having an off day or need to get stuff done, I can keep my son busy by turning on a Disney movie, and he is content. Now, this doesn’t work for the baby, so I put her in her Jumperoo in front of the TV to keep her out of trouble for a little while.

Games & Activities

When I have free time, I find things to do with my kids: tickling, peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, reading stories, coloring, helping with homework, or even just getting on the floor and playing with their toys with them. We all stay entertained, and we also create fun memories that I hope they will look back on and cherish.

Cooking & Cleaning

I’m lucky enough to have a son that loves to help. I am constantly finding ways to recruit him to help around the house. I put the baby in her high chair and give her some toys or a snack and let her play, while my son and I make supper, or take care of some cleaning around the house. He feels so important helping and I know that someday he will be a huge help by knowing how to do all of these chores, and maybe it will be so routine to him that trying to get him to do it won’t be like pulling teeth! (Yeah, right.)

Nap Time/Quiet Time

You may laugh at this, but I believe it’s important that while the baby naps, everyone else gets a bit of quiet time or a nap as well. It gives me a break, and helps my son wind down for a little bit and not be going at 100 mph all day.

Some of these things are hit and miss. Some days, none of these things work and I do go a little crazy, but for the most part having a handful of tricks up my sleeve comes in handy and I can manage to get through each day one at a time. Only four more months until spring time!

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