How Many Palin Books Before We Learn the Truth?

COMMENTARY | The life of the Palin family tops any soap opera drama that could possibly be written. Should anyone try, it would be brushed off as an unbelievable farce. With all of the tell-all books written about Sarah Palin, you have to believe there is some truth to the many accusations against her.

There will be two books about the family released Tuesday. One is written by the father of Bristol Palin’s child, Levi Johnston, titled “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.” The other was written by Joe McGinniss, titled “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.”

Todd Palin, husband of Sarah, is up in arms about McGinniss’ book, stating it is full of “disgusting lies and innuendo,” reports UPI.

Could this be the preview of a new reality television show? I picture the two battling it out in a boxing ring, or perhaps on something like the old game show “To Tell the Truth.”

With so many accusations about the Palins, could it be there there really is some truth to the exposure?

McGinniss and Johnston are not the only ones who have written books about the true Sarah Palin. Earlier this year, Frank Bailey, a former member of Palin’s inner circle when she was the governor of Alaska, wrote a book titled “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years.”

Could they all just be out for the notoriety and financial gain? I think not. I’m sure there is a portion that is embellished within all the books, but the sad truth is it is unlikely so many people, including those close to Palin, would become so angry without any basis for it.

McGinniss writes that Sarah did have an affair with her husband’s business partner; the allegations arose back in 2008 in a National Enquirer report as well. A source at the time stated that Palin had many enemies in her own hometown, something that has been brought to light numerous times.

Bailey wrote that Palin used her children for political gain, an accusation brought up by Johnston and others as well. Johnston may be seen by some as a hateful revenge seeker, but his claims that Bristol became pregnant to spite her mother fall in line with all of the other allegations against Sarah.

Should Sarah actually decide to run for president of the United States, she will have the longest list of scandals to overcome of any political candidate in history. It would certainly provide a lot of entertainment value, but it would also show that our political system has truly become one big joke.

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