How Oprah Can Make OWN a Success

Oprah Winfrey has contributed a lot to America over the years. We have become fond of her practical advice, beautiful smile, positive energy, and adoring audience. It makes us feel good to know that Oprah is doing well. Unfortunately, many have a strong suspicion that her latest endeavor, OWN NETWORK, which is supposed to be the obvious upward mobility move she should be embarking upon may be headed for failure. It is not about the money, she has and always will have plenty of it. This is about fulfillment of purpose which is so much more important than the dollar bill. So, how does Oprah turn OWN on its head, shake it up, and re-introduce it to America without going broke or losing her mind in the process.

There are several important suggestions that will pave a new road that worth travelling on. American’s love Oprah; she is a giver and has learned to be a gracious receiver in the process. She could use our help this time and the need is greater than what money, even her money, can buy. Oprah, it is up to you to get AMERICA INVOLVED!

Oprah can create a channel she envisions through applied talent, sound judgment and universal support. So why then are we afraid for the future of OWN? It all began when Rosie O’Donell was seen on the O cover alongside Ms. Winfrey. Many believe it is time to intervene for Oprah’s sake, for America’s sake.

Immediately upon seeing Rosie in that golden boot clown outfit, a person can imagine the days of of Arsenio Hall. Strange, huh! America’s perception of Rosie has changed over the years – for the worse. Adopting Rosie may put Oprah’s OWN on a downward spiral. There is a 7-point plan to get Oprah on track, not “Back on track” … this is because she may need to change tracks, it goes in the same direction as her mind’s eye points her towards … the path of success. So, here it is:

1. Dump the Rosie idea immediately. 2. Have a special Oprah episode where you apologize to America, let them in on your struggle, and ask for their help … give them “ownership” of your success. It is not only time for OPRAH to “OWN” but all of us with you as our ringleader. 3. Declare yourself the “Queen” of social networking, integrate social networking themes and tools into your OWN lineups and invest in the idea that the network is the hub, social networking are the spokes that will allow the wheels of progress to turn for OWN and those who dedicate themselves to adopting the Channel. 4. Reinvent and Reintroduce yourself to America after you have publicly gone on a REAL JOURNEY as a person … not a Oprah Winfrey. 5. Establish a contest that all of America can get involved with … (think American Idol or The Apprentice) , be sure to include the social networking tools into the plan … let America and judges help you find the next Oprah, or pick the programming content for OWN, or have their own show on OWN. Something to get America involved in the process. 6. Fire a few people, even though it may hurt them and you. You can start with the person at O that ok’d the cover of you with ROSIE. 7. Shed skin, radical Re-branding (retain you, just repackage) America loves you, its just we’re a bit tired of the packaging … you were brave enough to engage in the process of running a network … now you must summon the courage to look within to find the new you that fits that role in a way that is appealing and believable to your global audience. Change YOUR FREQUENCY!

For the small group of fans and or readers that have enticed to read this honest and sincere advice to Oprah, we humbly ask the following. Please, tweet, like and send this article to someone else you may know that may have some connection to HARPO, Oprah, and/or people close to Oprah … so that she may read this and be inspired to change course before it is too late. Spread this to everyone you know that may want to see Oprah Winfrey continue to be a success and continue to deliver quality, uplifting content to audiences worldwide.

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