How Peanut Found Her Forever Family & Became a Family Girl

Once upon a time a little girl with big brown eyes was born in Texas. Her name was Peanut. She had four older sisters and one younger brother. Her biological parents were unable to care for the children, so they went to foster care when Peanut was four years old. Over the years in foster care, Peanut and her siblings were split up. They started being adopted. Peanut lived in many foster homes and even a ranch with horses on it. Moving around so much was very hard.

When she was nine, she found out that she was going to be adopted! Her new parents flew to Texas to meet her. They were all very scared and nervous when they first met. They spent a lot of time together that week and then Peanut flew home with them to Florida. It was her first time on an airplane. She was very brave.

Peanut had a lot of new things waiting for her in Florida; including a new bedroom, toys and clothes. She had to learn new rules, meet tons of new people and get ready for a new school. She had a little dog, who quickly became her best friend. She also had a cat. She became very busy in Florida!

She spent her time going to the beach, swimming at her grandparents’, visiting the library, doing crafts and settling in at home with her parents. She even hosted a tea party! She started going to a summer camp during the day, where she learned gymnastics, dance and aerial antics. She got to be in a big circus show at the end of the summer!

When summer ended, she started fourth grade at her new school. She joined the school chorus and started taking guitar and gymnastics lessons. She earned A’s on all of her spelling tests! She went to Disney World, discovered she loved lo mien noodles and got piles of candy at Halloween!

Florida began to feel like home and she realized that her parents meant it when they told her they loved her and would always keep her safe. She loved them back! No more foster homes! Peanut was a family girl now! She knew where she was going to be every birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July and any other day. She had her last home and her last set of parents.

Peanut and her parents were so thankful to be a forever family! They lived happily ever after. Together. Forever.

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