How Safe Are Seat Belt for Dogs?

Most dog owners today fail to realize the safety issues when car traveling with their dogs. Safety should be the number one priority for all dog owners when they car travel with their furry companion but unfortunately that is not the case. Today’s drivers would never neglect fastening their own seat belts or placing their child in a car seat or booster seat when they travel but it is a sad reality that there are only a few responsible drivers that would use seat belt for dogs while they travel with their dogs.

The truth is that there are thousands of dogs that get injured in car accidents because their owners neglect to practice car safety when they ride with their pets. Many dog owners do not realize that an unrestrained dog faces the same safety risks as an unrestrained person in the event of a car accident. Unrestrained dogs often become projectiles and are thrown around inside the vehicle in case of a road collision or sudden swerves and stops. They could also cause distractions to the driver of the vehicle if pets are free to roam the car while traveling. Unrestrained pets often become very unruly and misbehaved the causes road problems. These incidences of dog injuries and death should be enough reasons for you to get your dog a seat belt when they ride the car with you.

Seat belt for dogs or other pets are designed to restrain and secure our dogs at the rear or front seat of a car. They basically limit the movement of our pets inside a moving vehicle and secure them in a safe spot during road mishaps or sudden stops and swerves during driving. To get the best possible seat belt for your pet you would need to consider his built and size, the type of vehicle you will use when you travel with your furry companion and the dogs needs during the trip. There are now several great safety accessories you could purchase for your dog when you travel with them. But before you go ahead and buy all these safety accessories you would need to assess your dog first to find the right type of safety accessory best suited for your furry friend.

What are seat belts for dogs? A seat belt for dogs is made up of a harness that wraps around the dog’s torso and has a latch that can be securely fastened on the front or rear buckles of the vehicles seat belt latch. This type of safety device is often recommended and advised for medium to large breeds of dogs in any size of vehicle. This device can be used either in the front or rear seat of your car. Most small types of dogs have problems with just a doggy seat belt since they are set very low inside the car they often experience discomfort and car sickness. So if you have a small dog try using a dog car seat or dog booster with your doggy seat belt so that your pet can be set high enough to see outside the car window. The proper use of safety accessories should always be top priority for all dog owners when they car travel with their dogs.

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