How Talent Management Networks Benefit Talent and Talent Agencies

Gone are the days when talent had to run from pillar to post to get noticed and agents had to spend heavily on traditional auditions and advertisements to find talent. Versatile talent management networks have made things much easier and offer many benefits for talent and talent agencies. These agencies are social network platforms that utilize state-of-the-art technology to allow talent to showcase its skills and agents to search for and find talent of all types.

Many Unique Promotional Tools for Adult Talent

Aspiring actors, singers, artists, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, sportspersons, writers and any other kind of talent are offered several unique promotional tools, including an interactive auditioning platform. Once you sign up with a talent management agency, you are offered a wide choice of plans. Things you can do:

• Create an electronic portfolio by uploading photographs, audios and videos
• Rehearse and record demos
• Save demos to your portfolio
• Search for a contest or audition opportunities by category, zip code or location
• Enter demos in unlimited auditions and contests
• Audition from anywhere
• Search for talent agencies and agents
• View status in auditions entered
• Video conference audition with agents
• Participate in unlimited auditions
• Add talented contacts to your portfolio
• Share your profile with family, friends and industry members to increase your rating

You can even chat and rehearse live with friends for vocal talent auditions. Besides the facility to update your profile, you can view posted auditions and contests, and get e-mail notifications about your status.

Interactive Online Talent Platforms – Easing the Talent Search Process

These novel interactive talent networking portals ease the talent search process. By registering with an established network, agents looking for fresh talent can save the time and money that they would have to spend in a traditional auditioning process. If you are a talent seeker, the network’s audition management tools allows you to manage your auditions easily. You can:

• Search for talent by category, criteria or location
• Inspect all uploaded talent portfolios
• Post unlimited auditions and competitions
• Continually view audio entries
• Conduct live audition scheduling
• Open or close auditions
• Create or manage multiple accounts
• Manage audition score cards, call back and final listing
• Conduct video conferences for live auditions
• Interact and exchange information with other agents
• Have prospective clients follow you on popular social networks

Talent agencies can also extend their company’s reach at no extra cost. They can market their company on these networks by posting contests. Entries would be shared by contestants over social networks, allowing these companies to advertise their products and services to a global audience.

There are many options when it comes to finding and promoting special skills, but talent and talent agencies can enjoy all these benefits only by tying up with the right talent management network.

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