How to Add a Youtube Video to Power Point Presentations

There are many things you can do with your Power Point presentations and adding videos from YouTube is just one of those things. If you need to add a video to your presentation, follow the steps in this guide. I will walk you through all of the steps needed to get the video and add it to your Power Point slide. To get started, load Power Point and find the video on YouTube that you want to use. Then follow the steps below.

Creating Your Slide

Your first step is to create a new slide you want to embed the video on, or open the slide that you have already created that you want to embed the video on.

Getting Your YouTube Video

Now go to YouTube and search for the YouTube video you want to use. Open the video and find the Embed link below the video. To do this, you will need to click the Share button below the video. Then you will need to click the Embed button. That will drop down a box and you will see the code for the video. You do not need to copy the code just yet. Leave that tab open and we will come back to it when you have your slide ready.

Getting Your Slide Ready for the Video Code

Now you will need to get your slide ready for the video code. You will now need to open your toolbar. Go to View and do the following; Control Toolbox > More Controls. Make your way down until you see Shockwave Flash Object and click it. Then draw a box on your slide using your mouse. Draw the box the size you want the video to be. Once you have it on your slide, right click on it and select Properties and double click the Custom option. Leave this box open because now it is time to go get your code.

Getting Your Code

Go back to YouTube and copy the code that is in the embed box. Do not copy the url in the address box because that will not work. Copy the embed code below the embed button.

Pasting the Code in the Slide

You are now ready to paste the code in the slide. Go back to your Power Point slide and paste the code you just copied in the box under Custom. Don’t save it yet. You will need to make a few changes. First, find where it says “watch?” in the code and delete that word. Then find the equal sign, delete it and type a forward slash. Now you are ready to click Apply on the box. Click OK and the box will close. Save your slide and then preview it and you will see the video you added to the slide.

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