How to Add Living Room Privacy Without Blocking Light

Model homes featured in books and magazines are often pictured without blinds, curtains, shades or window coverings of any kind – unless window treatments are available for sale. In real life situations, most people are not willing to expose their home and activities to the outside world. Even those surrounded by trees and those in desolate areas would not want to live in a glass house. It is possible to add privacy in a living room without blocking light, and the options do not have to detract from beautiful windows or gorgeous views. On the contrary, window treatments are suppose to enhance windows rather than hide them along with the view. Discover the many ways to add privacy in a living room without blocking light, and keep the space naturally illuminated while hiding the interior view.

Add Privacy to the Living Room with Translucent Roman Shades

One of the most stylish ways to add privacy in a living room without blocking valuable light is with translucent Roman shades. They provide layers of privacy when down, but light still permeates the material. They can also be pulled up when privacy is not a concern. Translucent Roman shades come in unlimited colors, and they can be special ordered for odd-size living room windows. Best of all, they will coordinate with many different decorating styles. Visit Yahoo! Shopping to view the many options online. This is where you will find the lowest possible prices on the very best privacy light-filtering shades for the living room or any other space in the home.

Use Frosted Peel and Stick Window Film

New living room windows complete with frosted or etched designs on the glass can cost a considerable amount of money, but replacement is unnecessary, especially if the window frames are solid. When seeking ways to add privacy in a living room without blocking light, use frosted peel and stick window film. It provides a stylish new way to make living windows private, and it looks very convincing. Best of all, the designs provide areas to look out from, but it prevents those at a distance from looking in.

Add Bamboo Roll-Up Blinds with Privacy Liners

When seeking a natural wood look for living room windows, opt for roll-up bamboo blinds with detachable privacy liners. Light will filter in if the liners are light colored and thin, but they will provide complete privacy. The liners are designed like Roman shades. They loosely fold up as the blinds are rolled up, and they look neat when down. Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to wood shutters or wood slat blinds, and they will add a stylish natural look without completely blocking valuable light.

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