How to Arrange a Christmas Dinner Party on a Budget

Decorations, gifts and crowded stores aren’t enough this time of year; now you have to have a dinner party for Christmas. The problem is that you’re on a budget that you have to stick to. The party is in addition to the family dinner and holiday travel you have to find a way to fit in and you’re not sure what to do. Careful planning and determination can go a long way when it comes to having a successful Christmas dinner party on a budget.

Holidays like Christmas are full of food. Families and friends are gathered together to celebrate an event or a person, and there always seems to be food involved. However, with all of these functions throughout the year, how can one arrange a Christmas dinner party even when one has a tight budget? Fortunately, there are a few easy tips and tricks:


Whenever you start planning a party, always start with the guests. Why? Because you will be able to know approximately how many guests are coming. This information, in turn, will allow you to calculate how much food you will need. You will be able to reduce waste, too. When you invite your guests, always ask them to RSVP. Doing so will help you in the long run, once you need to start planning your menu and deciding on your location.


Although it seems like a great idea to have a party elsewhere, you will need to consider the cost of hosting your party elsewhere versus hosting the party at your own place. First, you will need to rent the venue. Then, you will probably need to cook the food or pay for a catering company to cook for you. Then, you will need to buy decorations and some form of entertainment. On the other hand, if you host the party at home, you do not pay extra for having the party and you can create some form of entertainment in your private setting. Most party games are successful when they are played in more intimate settings. As you can see, hosting the party at your place, if it is big enough, will save you money.


Keep the menu simple. If the Christmas dinner party is not a formal one, you should create a menu that uses traditional, and usually inexpensive, menu. However, if your Christmas dinner party is formal, then you will probably have to match the menu to that formality. In other words, it is cheaper to keep your party informal.


Try not to buy too many decorations. A few touches of the “mood” of Christmas will be enough to set off your party. Just a few poinsettias, a Christmas tree with all of its ornaments, and some wreaths and cinnamon-scented candles will remind people it’s a Christmas party.

Christmas dinner parties do not have to be expensive. As long as you host the party at your place, invite guests a few weeks, if not a few months, in advance, and keep the menu simple, your Christmas party this year won’t put a dent in your wallet.

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