How to Be a Fall Fashionista

With the warm days of summer fading into the crisp graces of September, many trendsetters are turning their eyes toward fall fashion. Last year’s cool weather trends centered on military jackets, skinny jeans, and the ever brightly colored shell tees. These pieces are great staples for any cool weather wardrobe. But this year will be different. Some of last year’s staples have stuck around, but many other things have changed. Fall 2011 brings a brand new set of trends for the modern fashionista. Here are some tips to help you look great and make the most of this fall’s fashion trends.

So what colors should the modern fashionista look for?

Warm red hues and burnt orange are all the rage this year. These colors can be paired with a military jacket or a brightly colored anorak. Other lesser known colors are in for this year. Phlox, a deep, rich purple is a must have. In the coming weeks, we will step away from bright colors and in favor of warm neutral hues. To look fashionable and stay warm at the same time, pair a deep plum colored tee or three quarter length sleeve top with a beige jacket. This color combination makes the purple pop, meanwhile creating a well put together outfit that is suitable for any occasion.

Deep teal and varying shades of brown are also back. These colors are personal favorites of mine and are already hanging proudly in my closet. These colors can be paired with just about any color and look great.

All about the shrug

Shrug sweaters were a staple of yesteryear. And this year, they are back in full force. Shrugs look great with a light pullover sweater or shell tee. A few months ago, I shopped my favorite clothing retailer and brought home the perfect piece–a nougat colored shrug. With three quarter length sleeves, this shrug is a great transition piece. It has a flutter front. The price tag nearly brought tears to my eyes, but sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Seventies fashion

Most great fashion trends eventually return. And such is the case with my favorite type of jean. Last year’s skinny jeans were great, but this year, we’re going back a few decades. Bellbottoms are back. People everywhere are already donning fabulous flare jeans. Bellbottoms came back into fashion in the late 90s. And I, for one, am delighted by their return.

Animal prints

Animal prints, another fan favorite, have already graced the runways. This year, mixing prints will be a huge trend, according to fashion designers.

The military look

Yes, military is back! Just like last year, the semi-rugged look abounds. Military jackets can be found at just about any retailer, both online and in stores. You will see military jackets primarily in dark navy and khaki hues. However, you do occasionally find them in celery green.

Faux fur

It’s official. Fall 2011 is all about fur. Clothing stores are already stocking up on jackets with faux fur around the necklines. Some of these come with dolman sleeves. Dolman sleeved sweaters can be worn with a thin, long sleeve shirt underneath. Not only does this keep you warm as the weather turns crisp; it also brings the eyes up to the neck and allows you to mix and match different pieces.

So if you’re a fashionista, keep your eyes peeled for these great trends in fall 2011. And keep yourself warm with these hot new styles.

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