How to Blow Dry Hair Straight and Other Blow Drying Salon Tips

It can be difficult to blow dry hair straight, especially if it is long hair. With just a few salon tips and pointers you’ll have that straight look your after in no time.

How to Blow Dry Hair

Before beginning to blow dry hair straight, you must first know several salon tips. It is much more difficult to blow dry hair when it is dripping with water. The fist salon tip is to take the towel off your head and let your hair air dry for five to ten minutes before blow drying. The longer and thicker the hair, the longer you should let it air dry.

Salon tip number two is to use salon products. These products are designed to protect the hair from heat and gives the hair staying power when faced with outside elements. Of course, as a hairdresser I know everyone’s hair is different, so everyone’s hair deserves to be treated differently. Some people may find that styling products from retail stores work great on their hair. The problem with these products is that many will build up on your hair and over time leave your hair dull and lifeless. If you choose to use store bought products, you will need to strip your hair with a mixture of baking soda and shampoo every six months or so.

Salon tip number three is to dry your hair upside down (unless your hair is extremely short). Why do hairdressers dry hair upside down? It is not because it is easier for us. It is because if we want to straighten the hair or to add volume, the roots must be dried first.

How to Blow Dry Hair Straight

Salon tip number four is specifically for longer wavy hair. To get the straightest syle possible, first turn your head upside down after the hair has had time to air dry. Then, begin blow drying at the roots. Don’t worry about brushing through the ends of your hair at this point. Concentrate on the roots only until they are dry. While blow drying, pull your hair away from the scalp with a brush that grabs the hair.

Salon tip number five comes after blow drying the roots of your hair. You may find that your hair has become tangled during blow drying. Don’t try to brush all the tangles out yet. First, concentrate on the ends of the hair. Blow dry the ends while brushing until 50% to 60% dry. Then, begin on the middle of the hair. As you are blow drying the middle of the hair shaft straight, brush through the entire length of the hair.

One trick to straight blow drying is to have a good brush. The brush needs to have a large head and have the ability to grab the hair and help pull it straight while blow drying.

More Beauty Salon Tips

Sometimes, no matter how much product you use or how much you brush the hair while blow drying, your hair will still look frizzy. This is when you bring out the Velcro rollers or the straightening iron. While the straightening iron is preferred by some, the Velcro rollers are more popular with those who want to keep the hair as healthy as possible.

Velcro rollers do not use heat and can be found at most retail stores. I will add that Velcro rollers found at beauty supply stores do have more Velcro action and will help to smooth the hair better while rolling. I have both types and with medium length hair, I prefer the rollers from the beauty supply store. I purchased mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Weather and Humidity

The best way to know how to straighten your hair is to follow these salon tips above and play around with different types of styling products. Don’t spend a bunch of money all at once. Instead, try one product at a time for several days and pay attention to the weather outdoors. Weather plays a big factor in straight hair styles. If you know it is going to be a rainy day or a humid day, it would be wise not to straighten your hair that day. Then again, there are some great products made specifically for humid wet days. Try them for yourself.

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