How to Blow Out Raw Eggs for Easter

Easter eggs come in countless types from the cheap plastic varieties for holding candy to panoramic works of edible art that are absolutely beautiful. Nothing can compare to real eggs, but they will not last forever unless the contents are removed. It is possible to blow out the contents of raw eggs while keeping the fragile shells intact. Once they have been emptied they can be decorated in very creative ways, and they can be enjoyed indefinitely instead of boiled and dyed and eventually thrown away.

I learned how to blow out the contents of raw eggs when I was in elementary school. I was also taught how to beautifully decorate the empty shells with paint, but they can be embellished in other creative ways. I came up with additional methods to decorate the fragile shells, and my kids and I have enjoyed the tradition for years. We blow out about one dozen eggs and use a few different methods to decorate the empty shells.

Precautionary Statement

Raw eggs are a source of salmonella. Use extreme caution when handling raw eggs, especially when attempting to blow out the contents. Carefully wash the outer shells with antibacterial soap and water before beginning, and do not allow the raw eggs to come in contact with your mouth, eyes, or nose. Children that are unable to understand and follow this procedure should not blow out raw eggs, but they can help decorate the clean and sanitized shells.

Blow Out the Contents for Omelets and More

Eggshells are stronger than many people realize, and they are easy to blow out without fracturing the shells. Carefully use a needle to poke a small hole in the narrower end of the egg. It should be two to three times larger than the diameter of the needle. It will take a few well placed jabs to create the opening.

Next, create a larger hole in the other end of the raw egg. It should be about four to five millimeters in diameter. The raw egg will have to come out of this hole, and it must be large enough for the contents to pass through. To make it easier, use the needle to scramble the egg inside of the open shell.

It will take a lot of lung power to blow out the raw eggs, even after breaking the yolks. Place your lips over the smaller opening, and blow hard enough to push the raw egg out and into a bowl. As previously mentioned, do not allow the raw egg to come in contact with your mouth since it can cause serious illness if it is laden with bacteria.

Sanitize the raw empty shells by rinsing them under hot water and soaking them for several minutes in a solution of ten parts water and one part bleach. Daycare centers and healthcare facilities use this solution to sanitize tables, dishes and other hard surfaces. Rinse the sanitized eggs thoroughly, and allow them to dry before continuing.

Decorate the Shells

After you blow out the raw eggs, refrigerate the contents immediately, and use it the same day to make omelets or another favorite dish. To prevent the spread of germs, do not share. Label the bowls for each person, and cook the eggs separately.

After refrigerating the raw eggs, decorate the shells. My kids and I use art quality tissue paper squares and decoupage glue to create beautiful mosaics. The tissue paper can be used to cover the holes. We also use natural dyes including blueberry juice, crushed flower petals and cherry skins. In any case, handle the shells carefully. They are much more fragile once the contents have been removed.

Arrange the decorated eggs in a pretty bowl lined with coconut fibers, shredded tissue paper, Easter grass, dried moss or raffia. They will look spectacular, and with proper handling and storage, they will last for years instead of days. I have egg shells that my oldest son and I made twenty years ago, and they still look as lovely as ever.

Source: Personal Crafting and Advanced Art Experience

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