How to Blow Out Your Sprinkler System for the Winter Season

This is how I remove the water from my sprinkler system. Maintaining my budget I have become quite the handy man. The first step is to shut off the water to the lawn irrigation system. My shut off is located in the front yard. The water supply pipe is the one coming up with a shut off valve on the end of it before it goes into the manifold. This valve can be turned with an adjustable wrench.

On most valves there are 2 holes for a lock, line these up, that will be the off position. Next, we will make sure there is no pressure and the water is shut off. From your zone controller, turn on each zone. Next we hook up our air hose on the first bleed valve past the main shut off. Typical port valves use a screw type fitting, turn this 1/4 turn to open, watch your slot, inline with the valve is open. Introduce air from your compressor, I usually use 50 to 75 psi.

Turn your controller to your first zone. You will blow the line until nothing but air comes out of your sprinkler head’s. Do this for each zone. When done with all zones, go back and do it again just to be sure you have all of the water out. Turn your port valve back to it’s original position and put cap back on. YOU DID IT! I usually unplug my controller for the winter, no sense in letting transformer run. Being your own handy man or woman is fun, but sometimes you have to roll your sleeves up! The first time I drained my sprinkler’s, I was wet from head to toe!

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