How to Build a Fast Loading Website

Web page design has gone into a new dimension, where web page designers are faced with the job of building web sites and web pages that are visually pleasing and also search engine friendly. With more firms doing a large amount of there trading over the Internet the call for search engine friendly web pages are on the increase. Being found by search engines like yahoo is a key component for the success of your on line business.

So how do you produce a quality looking web site that is additionally search engine friendly? This report will give you one of the tricks of the trade that will strengthen the rank of your website. Google is hot currently about the time it takes for a website to download. Download times are without doubt one of the things that Yahoo uses to work out your websites serp or search engine ranking position, or in ordinary English what page you are on in the search results.

There are one or two tools that are free to download that will allow you fine tune your web sites down load time. One resource is labeled as y-slow and the other resource is named page speed. Both these applications will show all the facts in regards to your web sites effectiveness. The programs will also inform you of adjustments that you have to make in order to speed up your web page.

When you are building a site there are a few standard recommendations that you can comply with to keep your web site fast a nimble. As a general rule of thumb try to keep the number and size of the images on your page down to a minimum. Large images will add to your sites download time quite a lot, if you have to utilize images then keep them small and make use of compression to greatly reduce the load time. If you have a lot of pictures then group them together as one larger image, you will not minimize the load but you will minimize the number of http requests i. e. 5 independent files will become one individual file.

As an example if you are developing a website for a customer and there are elements that have graphical elements or sections for instance buttons then group all the independent images together and save them as a single image. Depending on the complexness of the button or panel that you are creating, it could comprise of six or seven individual images or files. Grouping all the images or files together will produce just one file which will result in a single request. Every graphic file on your web site will have a unique url for instance with an http prefix. Each image and file is requested by the server and the more request that there are the slower your web page will load.

So how fast should your web site be? The answer is a fast as achievable specially for pages or sites that need to be found for on line marketing reasons for instance affiliate sales and other similar endeavors. When you utilize one of the page speed applications then you will discover that it gives your site a score out of 100 or a grade A to E, the larger the grade or score the quicker the website is (A or 100 is the highest).
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