How to Build a Following on Facebook

There are several reasons you may desire to build your following on Facebook. Whether you are looking to promote your business or simply boost your social popularity, taking a few basic steps can drastically improve your visibility on Facebook. Attention on social media websites, such as Facebook, can help you drive web traffic to your website, inspire action to any causes you are associated with and build your reputation within the online community.

How to start:

Customize your Facebook homepage with information that you believe will be relevant and interesting to your targeted audience. If you are running a business, be sure to provide information your customers might find useful. If it is a personal page, include stories that will inspire your followers and attract them to your page. Be sure to use high quality content free of spelling and grammatical errors and provide photos when applicable.

Routinely post new information on your wall. This information can be viewed by the friends of your friends, so it will help increase your online visibility. Consistent engagement will make you more visible to the Facebook community and possibly help you to find new followers.

Provide a “like” button on your personal Web page and encourage your friends to like your website as well as your Facebook profile.

Integrate your Facebook account with other social media websites such as Twitter and Linkedin. This can be accomplished by linking the services through Facebook settings or by simply posting your Facebook information to your other social media accounts. By using multiple platforms you may reach followers on third party websites that you would not encounter on Facebook.

Post contests and and online polls in order to boost participation on your Facebook page. Even creating a simple contest where you announce a “follower of the month” will draw the attention of potential new followers on Facebook.

Suggest other friends to your existing friends and send out friend requests to individuals you know. Helping connect other people will increase your visibility and will gradually help you increase your following.

Participate in other Facebook postings outside of your page by posting on your friend’s walls. If the viewers of those pages like the content you are posting, they may consider following you on Facebook

Consider using Facebook’s paid advertisement service so that your page will be integrated into other user’s Facebook advertisements.

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