How to Choose the Best Chopper Bar Garter Belt

You don’t have to ride a motorcycle or hang with guys named Road Kill or The Menacer to take pleasure in donning a chopper bar lace garter belt. Truth be told, garter belts have become so widely accepted on the contemporary fashion scene, a company named Subs introduced a garter belt for guys who just love wearin’ saggy pants. Cinched around the waste like women’s garter belts, the concept even got the attention of CNN news. You, of course, have no plan to let your pants sag ’cause you know the objective of your belt has nothing to do with outerwear.

Pick One That Fits Your Budget

Unless you’re on a mission to count every penny because you’re saving up for a trip to Paris, you’re not going to find a huge difference in pricing when you compare chopper bar garter belts on lingerie websites. Fact is, the differences between a representative survey of sites carrying this style of garter belt often came down to under a buck. That stated, look for the best price and shipping deals and you’ll come up with the best decision.

Choose One That Matches Your Wardrobe

Here’s where you’ll find differences. Black is the go-to color for the typical chopper bar garter belt, but of late, lingerie manufacturers have veered away from this austere color and started producing these hot numbers in colors that make ladies look innocent (white), devilish (red), guy-friendly (blue) and there’s a jade chopper bar garter belt just for the girl interested in appealing to the sensibilities of dudes who respect the environment and want it to remain pristine when they ride.

Shop by Size For the Right Fit

While most lingerie websites and shops offer a wealth of standard sizes, the market for plus size designs is growing to meet the needs of luscious ladies endowed with a little extra love on their bones. If this describes you, manufacturers aren’t marking up plus sizes as much as you might think; matter of fact, the price difference between standard and plus sizes may only be a buck for styles that come in sizes up to 4X. Not every cyberspace lingerie boutique sells these, so make your dissatisfaction known if you find a style you love that doesn’t fit your figure. Messages from irate biker babes can make retailers realize they’re missing some serious business by not catering to your desires.

Consult With Shirley and Her Pack

You could get dizzy roaming the Internet for chopper bar garter belts. They’re everywhere; domestic- and foreign-made naughties that are so identical in styling, it’s as if one person sat at a celestial sewing machine and whipped up these babies up for every retailer on the planet. Fact is, Shirley of Hollywood is the grand dame of lacy temptations. She’s been around since 1948 and knows a thing or two about garter belts, so if you want a little history with your romance, you and The Menacer may want to check out garter belts designed by Shirley. After all, she’s been the leader of the pack for more than half a century!

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