How to Clean a Butcher Block Table

Real butcher block is absolutely beautiful when used to make work islands, countertops, cutting boards and tables. It is also sturdy and will last for many years with proper care. Some people simply wipe it as they would any other table or surface, but this is not enough since it is important to properly clean, disinfect, deodorize and redress the wood. It can become greasy or even stained, and it takes more than a damp rag to do the job. Use these easy ways to clean, disinfect, deodorize and redress a butcher block table used for food preparation, and enjoy the usefulness and beauty of a quality furnishing.

How to Remove Grease and Oils

When trying to remove grease and oil on butcher block, do not use soap of any kind. It will leach into the wood and back onto food prepared on the table. Use white vinegar instead. Simply apply it with a clean sponge, and rinse it away with clear water applied to a clean soft cloth. Thoroughly dry the butcher block table using a clean absorbent towel when finished.

How to Get Rid of Stains on Butcher Block

Are stains making your butcher block table ugly and dirty in appearance? Use this simple method to clean away the stains. Simply apply liquid bleach to a clean damp cloth, and place the cloth firmly over the stains. Allow it to clean away the marks for approximately ten minutes. If they are still apparent, keep the cloth in place for five minutes longer. Rinse away the bleach with a clean damp cloth, and as always, dry the butcher block table thoroughly.

Disinfecting a Butcher Block Table

A butcher block table used for food preparation should be disinfected on a regular basis, especially right after raw meat and other potentially dangerous substances are prepared. To clean and disinfect a butcher block table, make a mild bleach solution. Simply pour three tablespoons of bleach into a clean quart-size spray bottle of water. Apply this mixture to the butcher block table, and rinse it with a dampened cloth. Dry the table completely and thoroughly.

How to Get Rid of Odors

Does your butcher block table smell bad? Onions and oils that become rancid can make it smell absolutely terrible if it is not properly cleaned and deodorized. All it takes is baking soda and water to get rid of the odors. Sprinkle it over the dampened surface, and use a clean kitchen sponge to clean the odors away. Rinse away baking soda with a clean damp rag, and dry it thoroughly upon completion.

How to Redress Butcher Block

After thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and/or deodorizing a butcher block table, it is necessary to redress the wood. Do not use ordinary cooking oil to protect it. The wood will become rancid. Instead, redress the table with a specialty product made for this purpose. It can be found online or in Woodcraft stores. Follow complete product directions to prepare, clean and redress the table. When completed properly it will look and smell as good as new.

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