How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer

Let’s take a moment to see what we need to do.
First see if you have a manual that came with the computer.
Always make sure it is not on or plugged into electricity.
Use something as a ground such as rubber gloves.
Don’t spray anything directly into the computer as it may destroy the computer.
Make sure no cleaning supplies are broken, allowing liquids to fall into the motherboard, Processor, etc…
Try to make sure that your cleaning supply will not damage the computer by searching up if it will.
Certain parts of the computer are dangerous to mess with unless you know what you’re doing.
If you decide to use compressed air, which is really useful, do not hold it down real long or put it too close to the computer.
Try to get some compressed air and even anti-static cloth. The cloth is great for more delicate computer parts.

This simple, but effective way to clean out your computer well.

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