How to Compromise on Movies as a Family

Watching movies as a family is a fun way to spend time together. But when it comes to picking a movie that the whole family will like, do you often bicker and disagree? How can you compromise on movies as a family?

Set the Standard as Parents

Parents have the ultimate responsibility to set the standard for the kind of movie that the family watches. They need to look at the rating, content, language, and other factors before deciding if a movie would be appropriate to watch. Once they come across family movies that fit into their family standards, they can look at a range of movies that fall into the categories that they are looking for.

Draw Choices Out of a Hat

No one wants to settle for movies that do not really appeal to them. Dad may want to watch an action movie, while Mum would prefer to watch a costume drama. Then there is little Sarah, who wants to see the latest Disney movie. When you cannot decide on what to watch for the family movie night, have everyone in the family write down what they would like to watch and then place all entries into a hat. Draw out a choice and settle for that movie choice. That way, the choice has been a fair one.

Critique Movies as a Family

If your children are less than thrilled at having to watch a drama for the next family movie night, set them some homework to take their minds off the subject matter of the movie. Have them critique the movie. Join in with them, offering your honest opinion of the movie, how it could be improved, what everyone liked about it, and so on. Then give it a rating and compare ratings as a family.

Movie night can be a fun and relaxing way for families to interact. However, not everyone’s tastes will be the same. If you often have trouble settling on a movie that you will all like, you will need to find ways to compromise. Doing so can keep movie night fun and engaging, rather than dull and boring. Parents should step up and set the standard so that only movies that have their approval will be viewed by the whole family. Drawing choices out of a hat can help keep things fair, so that everyone has a chance to watch what they want. Critiquing movies as a family is a fun way for children to engage in a movie, even if it a movie choice that they did not make.

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