How to Cook with a Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

Whether you are camping or just taking advantage of some nice weather in your garden, cooking your food in a cast iron hibachi grill can be an exciting experience. As an avid camper, I’ve tried several different types of cooking tools and equipment, and while I don’t use it often, cooking with a cast iron hibachi grill can sometimes be a fun way to cook up meals you wouldn’t normally be able to on regular campfire grills.

Although the grill will be smaller than the average barbecue it can produce food that has a unique flavor. However, because of the intense heat that it generates, caution must be used to ensure that foods are cooked all the way through. It is better to cook smaller types of food to ensure that they are cooked properly.

The cast iron hibachi grill was first used by the Japanese centuries ago and because of the flavors it provides in your food, it is becoming more widely used today. Charcoal is the source of heat and this has to be evenly placed to ensure that food is cooked thoroughly. There are vents in the bottom of the grill that are adjustable to regulate the air flow to the burning charcoal. This in turn can regulate the heat and when closed the flames become less intense.

When not in use, this type of grill is easily stored because it is only small and portability is straightforward. But it must be appreciated that because of the heat the cast iron hibachi grill generates, it must be allowed to cool down properly before any attempt is made to move it. Because of its maneuverability it is easy to pack in the back of a car when going on a camping trip and if used in this way the cooking options for the camper can become just as extensive as the choices at home.

Eating steaks or kebabs on a camp site can be an exhilarating experience especially if those around you are surviving on a diet of sausages. The variations in the foods that can be cooked in this way are endless. But remember, the thicker the cut of meat, the more care has to be taken in the way the charcoal is displaced in the grill. Cooking over charcoal for a few minutes and then moving to one side can ensure that meat is cooked properly and your cast iron hibachi grill is being used to its full potential.

Source: Scott Kessman, Campfire Experience

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