How to Coupon like a Pro

Extreme Couponing is a new show on TLC. It chronicles extreme couponers who manage to save 90 to 100% on their grocery bill each week. Here are useful tips in becoming an extreme saver.

Buy more than one Sunday paper for their coupons. You can also obtain circulars from friends and family or recycle bins as some brave people utilize. Separate the circulars so all pages of like kind are stacked together. Clip away and save time by only clipping the stack at once. Organize coupons in notebooks with clear card pocket inserts. This is a huge time saver as you can see exactly which coupons you have.

Sign up at your grocery store for a savings rewards card. Often they have digital coupons online that you can download to your card. This increases your savings without having to clip manufacturer coupons. Usually stores will only allow you to use either the digital coupon or the manufacture coupon if there are two types available for a product. Double check and see which one is the better deal for your purchase.

There are numerous online sources available as well. They print right from your computer and can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Coupon Mom and Shop at Home are two such locations. They will ask you to download a printer software. Yet the money you save using such online sources is worth it.

Purchase from online couponing cutting sources. Examples include The Coupon Clippers and Power Coupons. Then you can buy multiples for the items you use the most often. This is a great way to stock up on frequently used items. Another great source is the magazine All You. They usually have over $50.00 of coupons in each issue and the subscription to the magazine more than pays for itself. You can find this magazine at Walmart for certain.

Stock up on the items you get for pennies a piece. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and other health care items I have been able to stock up on for free. Just wait until the items go on sale and redeem your coupons once items have been put on sale. Watch the weekly ads put in Wednesday newspapers from the grocery store. That way you can plan your shopping trip around the sales.

So what do you do with your unused coupons? Consider joining the Disboard Coupon train. It involves mailing an envelope that you take and add coupons from. Disboard is a Disney themed forum and you can join the coupon train for free. Just make sure you can cut and add coupons and mail the coupons on to the next person on the list. If you have many multiples of unused coupons you can sell them on eBay. Usually 5-10 multiples for the same item sell. You can check their closed auction if you are an eBay member and find out how much the coupon stack for a particular item sold for.

Once you start saving over 50% or more each time you go to the grocery store you will be hooked on clipping free money. Bring home items for pennies on the dollar and be proud to have more money in your wallet.

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