How to Create a Colorful Easter Tree

There are many ways to decorate for Easter, but a colorfully adorned indoor “tree” is one of my favorites. In fact, it has been a favorite of mine since childhood. My mother would set the tree branches in cement for my brother and me. We each would have a tree of our own to display in our bedrooms. She then would leave us to cut out holiday shapes from construction paper and decorate our trees. In this craft description, I take it a step further by suggesting the use of additions to the shapes such as glitter and sequins.This crafty tree requires a minimum of resources and beginner level talent. It is a wonderful craft for home, nursing home rooms and preschools. Adults and children alike will enjoy crafting and appreciating this Easter tree.

Supplies Needed for Easter Tree

4 or 5 small to medium sized tree branches, thin colored construction paper or colored foam craft squares scissors hole punch ribbon or twine sequins stencils in the shape of eggs, butterflies, birds, bees, crosses, etc. glitter Elmer’s glue vase, urn or bucket foam or cement mix
craft moss

Instructions for Making Easter Tree

1. Fill your chosen vase or urn with foam. If using a bucket, you may opt for using cement mix. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when choosing the cement option.

2. Stick one end of each tree branch into the foam or wet cement. When complete (and cement dried), cover the foam or cement with craft moss.

3. Using your chosen stencils, trace the shapes onto several colorful pieces of construction paper or foam. Cut these shapes out.

4. Decorate the shapes with sequins, glitter and any other crafty miscellany you so desire. Make the shapes eye-catching, fresh and bright!

5. Once the decorated shapes have dried, use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each shape. Cut a piece of ribbon or twine for each shape. Slip the pieces of ribbon or twine through the holes in the shapes and tie a knot in each.

6. Hang the colorful handmade Easter and spring shapes on the tree branches.

Voila! You have a simple, yet inspiring cheerful handmade Easter tree to decorate home, office or classroom! Enjoy the season!

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