How to Create a Vanity or Custom Facebook URL for Your Fan or Business Page

If you created a Facebook page for your business have you noticed what a long and garbled URL1 it automatically created? How can you replace that long URL with a custom one?

First of all you might ask why is it important to create a custom (also known as a vanity) URL? Too many small businesses don’t realize that they can easily create a distinct URL that sets them apart from other businesses. It’s also easier to have a unique URL for your business card or website. And remember; keep it simple and as short as possible so it actually fits on your business card.

If you already have your Facebook fan or business page created you will need to have 25 fans or “LIKES” in order to create a custom URL. This rule could change so just be aware of it. If it at the time you are reading this and it does still apply, then just remember after the initial 25 “LIKES” to your page you can create your distinct Facebook URL. Otherwise your default URL will have lots of numbers at the end of the URL which looks messy and unprofessional.

Follow these steps to create your vanity URL:

Login to Facebook with the account that administers your Facebook Page. NOTE: As a rule, Facebook does not allow a business to have the same format as personal pages do, with their new timeline. That may change. Generally a current Facebook user can create a fan or business page because they already have an account.
Go to
Look for a yellow box which contains the username for your PERSONAL profile. This is not related to your Page username.
Underneath that, look for a link that says, “Set a username for your Pages.” Click on that link.
A box will appear. If you have more than one Facebook Page which you administer, you will see a drop down menu with all of your Pages displayed. Pick the desired Page from the list.
If you are eligible for a username, meaning you have at least 25 fans and have not yet set your username, you will see a box that says “Enter Desired Username”
If you select a page that does not have 25 fans, Facebook will tell you that you are not eligible. If you pick a page that already has a username, Facebook will display the current username, which cannot be changed.
Type in your desired username and then click “Check Availability.” If your desired username is available it will state that. Important: use capital letters to help offset words if desired, now is the time to do it. For instance instead of, type it in as NOTE: You cannot change your username once it has been set. Be sure and double check your spelling for typos because once you select it, it cannot be undone.
If you are ready with your username, click “Confirm.”
Your new custom Facebook URL has been created. Be sure to correct any link on your website or blog with this new URL.

1URL – Uniform Resource Locator, a specially-formatter string of text to define a location on the internet.

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