How to Create Your Own Addition Facts Booklet

If you have a first grader who is starting to learn their addition facts, helping them to create their own book, can certainly prove to be beneficial. Creating an addition book is really not as complicated as it may sound. Below you will find an easy to follow guide for making your addition fact book.

You will need the following items to create your addition fact book, construction paper, stapler, glue, free addition fact printable. Break down the facts into families. For instance you can have the number one fact family, then you can move on to the number two facts, and so on. Allow them to learn one fact family at a time. This will make it easier for them to master the addition facts.

The first obvious step is to print out the free fact printable found here. Then have your child cut them out, (this is a great way to have them practice their cutting skills). Next you will want to fold one piece of construction paper in half, and then fold it in half again. Then open the construction paper up, and cut along the folds. This may be easier for you to do, or you can watch your child closely, and show them how to follow the folds. Use one of the cut out squares to make a front cover for your addition fact books. Allow your child to create a name for your fact book. They can name it after themselves, or they can create a name for their book. They can easily use markers, or crayons to write the name of the book, and even to draw a picture. Take another piece of construction paper to make the back cover. To secure them together you can easily staple the edges. If you prefer not to use the staples, then you may want to use glue instead. You can place a few dots of glue in the top corner and the bottom corner of the booklet, as well as a dot in the middle.

Each day they can take out their addition book and review the addition family you are currently working on. At the end of the week, you can give them a fact family quiz. You can even have them write out the problem, or you can have them take an oral test. This is really a cost effective way to help your children learn their addition facts without going through a ton of workbooks.

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