How to Cut Thick Material with Hole Saws

What Is A Hole Saw?

Hole saws are the most convenient way of making round holes of varying diameters in a wide range of materials.

Saw Selection

The type of hole saw you need is chosen entirely on the type of material you want to cut.

The Morse Master Cobalt Bi Metal Hole Saw is the most popular and is suitable for most general jobs. But don’t be mislead into thinking that it is not up to the task of cutting some of the most toughest and demanding materials out there, such as stainless steel. It is general thought that bi metal hole saws can not cut stainless steel however the Morse Bi Metal Hole Saw has been specifically designed to do just that.

In fact, some companies carry out all our cutting tests using stainless steel because it would simply take too long to wear out one of our saws . Independent cutting tests have proven that saws can consistently make 75+ cuts through stainless steel.

The Morse Master Cobalt Bi Metal Hole Saw is also excellent at cutting through all machinable metals, wood, nail embedded wood and plastic.

The standard Morse Bi Metal Saws have a cutting depth of 1-1/2″. If you are looking for a saw to cut deeper, some companies do stock a range of Extra Deep Morse Bi Metal Hole Saws which allow cutting up to 1-7/8″ deep.

How To Cut Thick Material With Hole Saws

Cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals thicker than about 1/8″ is difficult because once the teeth become completely buried in the work there is no place for the chips to go.

You can cut through thick material faster and extend the life of your Morse Hole Saws by using the following method:

Start the pilot hole and hole saw until the hole saw touches the surface so you can see where the diameter of the hole will be.

Then drill several ¼” holes all the way through the material just inside the scored circle that the hole saw made.

Finish the hole to be cut with the hole saw.

The chips created by cutting through the material fall into the cavities created by the holes drilled around the inside of the cut. This mean that the hole saw tooth gullets remain unclogged. This allows the saw to cut more freely, stay cooler and last longer.

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