How to Define Your Ideal Client in 15 Minutes or Less

So many entrepreneur’s these days are starting small businesses without having a clear definition of who their ideal client is. What a mistake! But, an easy one to correct.

If you don’t know who your ideal client is, who will you know to go after? You will be wasting precious funds on marketing to segments that aren’t right for your business. So take a few moments and go through my simple questionnaire to decide who your ideal client is. Try and fill in as much as possible and be specific as possible. There might also be multiple ideal clients, so you might want to do it more than once.

So, before you waste any more marketing dollars let’s dig in….

Ideal Client Questionnaire

1. Who is your ideal client or customer?

a) Gender?

b) Age range?

c) Education Level?

d) Marital Status?

e) Children? Will they be part of the product/service appeal?

f) Income?

2. Where do they live?

a) Country?

b) State(s)?

c) Community? (rural, urban, suburban)

d) Housing? (apartment, homeowner, sprawling estate, etc)

3. What do they do for fun?

a) Where do they spend their time online?

b) What activities do they do on their free time?

c) Belong to any organizations or clubs?

4. Personality Attributes?

a) What’s their biggest fear?

b) What’s their dreams and goals in life?

c) What are some big needs they have to have met?

5. Business Profile

a) Where do they work? (Stay at home, work from home, Small Office, Big Corp)

b) Do they already use something similar to your product or service?

c) Do they have the money to spen

d) How often will they need your products or services?

Download Your Ideal Customer Questionnaire to Print Here

Answer these questions thoroughly and you will be ahead of 95% of the small businesses out there. Now you’re ready to get out there and market to the right customers. Woooo hooo!

Any questions I missed? Let’s talk about it!



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