How to Develop Brownie Kodak Film

The Brownie camera was the first inexpensive, consumer-level film camera available for purchase in the US. This box-shaped Kodak camera uses square film that is no longer supported, but can be developed by specialty camera shops and at home. If a specialty film developer isn’t available in your area, you can develop the film at home in a makeshift darkroom using easy-to-purchase chemicals.

Step 1

Step into your dark room and put on your photo-developing gear, such as gloves, which protect the film. Turn out the lights, then open the camera and carefully remove the file. Slide the film onto a reel, then trim the excess film off the end using a pair of sheers.

Step 2

Fill a film pan with water that is heated to 75F degrees. Fill a beaker with 240ml of water, then stir 75ml of film developer into the beaker. Lower the beaker into the pan of water so that it is submerged up to the opening. Place a second beaker near the pan and fill it with 15ml of bath stop and 285ml of water. Submerge the beaker in the pan. Acquire a third beaker and fill it with 60ml of fixer and 240ml of water, then submerge it with the other two.

Step 3

Set a timer for twelve minutes, then pour the developer solution from the beaker into a glass dish. Submerge the film into the developer, then start the timer. Wait until twelve minutes have elapsed.

Step 4

Flip on the darkroom’s red light so that you can see. Pour the stop bath beaker solution into the dish with the film. Remove the film after ten seconds have elapsed.

Step 5

Pour the fixer beaker solution into the dish, then submerge the film into it. Remove the film after three minutes have elapsed.

Step 6

Rinse the film under a steady, gentle stream of distilled water for five minutes. Once five minutes have elapsed, pin the film to a line and allow it to air dry. Once it is dry, you can have it turned into prints.

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