How to Download from Sharecash

Here are the simple steps to download/unlock Sharecash files. Please keep in mind that this technique of unlocking Sharecash files is primarily for Western countries. Please follow these next few steps to unlock your Sharecash files.Goto your download page Click on the link “Regular Download” A box will pop-up with a few surveys/offers Chose an offer/survey. The easiest way to unlock your file is by choosing a survey for food, beverages, or the latest technology (eg. Battlefield 3 or MW3) Once you have selected one of the “easy to unlock” surveys, go to the site and click on “Generate” *** Now go back to the offer/survey that you have chosen and fill in the information that was generated by and click “SUBMIT” ****
After clicking submit, go back to the Sharecash download page. Do not close any pages that have opened in the process of unlocking the file. All pages must load completely, after they have loaded completely a pixel will fire and unlock your file from Sharecash.

*** = Make sure that you have it set to USA
**** = Please allow for approximately 2 minutes to pass after completing an offer for the file to unlock. It is important for each page to load COMPLETELY. Do not close any pages until your download is complete.

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