How to Draw an Eye

You will need a wooden pencil, paper, an eraser and possibly a pencil sharpener and a blending stub (found at art or craft stores)

Step One:
Draw a rounded U that is about the size of a quarter, this will be the Iris, or colored part of the eye.
Step Two: Inside the U that you have already drawn, over toward the right side, draw another rounded U that is slightly smaller than the eraser on your pencil. This will be where the light reflects off of the eye.
Step Three: draw a line (a partial rounded U) that begins under the highlight (small U), that stays an equal distance from the outside of the iris (big U) and stops at the same height.
Step Four: Draw an arched line that starts about half an inch away from the Iris, and that begins slightly below the bottom of it. The line will end a little more than half an inch away from the iris on the other side, and will stop at an equal height with the iris. This will become the upper eye lid.
Step Five: Now we’re ready to draw the bottom eye lid. On the right hand side of the eye, draw a line that begins where the upper eye lid ends and curves down below the iris, as it passes below the iris there will be a small space, as it goes toward the left side of the eye it will curve back up toward the upper eye lid again. Do NOT close it off yet!
Step Six: Draw a small loop that connects the top and bottom eye lids, close it off with a small line. This creates the tear duct.
Step Seven: Draw a small line that goes along the inside of the bottom eyelid from the tear duct to the outer edge of the eye, this becomes the width of the bottom eye lid.
Step Eight: Draw an arched line above the upper eye lid that follows along the curve of the upper eye lid. This finishes the upper eye lid.
Step Nine: Draw a curved line along the middle section of the bottom eye lid that follows its curve.
Step Ten: Sketch in an eyebrow above the top portion of the eye lid, then create eyelashes that go from the middle of the top eye lid and curve slightly up, and toward the outside of the face. Bottom eyelashes will begin in the middle of the eye and curve slightly down, and toward the outside of the face.

Step One:
Color in the pupil (the middle sized U) as darkly as possible.
Step Two: Darken the Circle around the Iris (the large U)
Step Three: Create rays, like the sun’s, from the pupil in the area of the iris (the large U).
Step Four: Using the blending stub, gently pull graphite from the outside circle of the iris into the iris, then gently blend along the rays leaving some light and some dark. This creates they eye color. Continue this process until you are happy with the result.
Step Five: Darken the line below the bottom eye lashes, this will be a shadow and will be used to create skin tone.
Step Six: Darken the lines that create the upper eye lid. The uppermost will be a shadow, and will be used to create skin tone.
Step Seven: With the blender gently create a very, very, very light shadow underneath the top eyelashes.
Step Eight: Create a very, very, very light shadow on the tear duct, the width of the bottom eye lid, and on the corners of the white part of the eye (this gives the eye the appearance of being round).
Step Nine: Use the blender to pull value from the shadow above and below the eye to create the skin tone, take the blender in the direction of the skin, repeat the process until the skin tone is the desired shade. (Do this over the eyebrow)
Step 10: Add finishing touches, add more detail to the eye brow and eye lashes.

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