How to Find the Best Budget-Friendly Tutor for Your Child

Is your youngster struggling in school? Are you trying to help but you feel overwhelmed by the school materials or your child is fighting you? Many parents say that they don’t remember the content, such as math, being taught the way it is today, and they aren’t sure of the best way to help their child. Schoolwork and homework shouldn’t interfere with the parent-child relationship, and it doesn’t need to. There are many options for getting help for your child if he/she is struggling in a specific subject area (or in general in school) regardless of your budget.

If your child is having difficulty in a specific subject area, a good option can be hiring a teacher, especially one in your school district. They are most familiar with the content area and curriculum as well as the state standards for your child’s current grade level and the next grade level. To find an available teacher, contact your school for an available list of teachers who regularly tutor. The price varies, and teachers set their own rate. Depending on what part of the country you live in, the subject area, and the experience of the teacher, the cost can be $25 – $75/hour. If you want to try to bring down costs, ask for a discount for paying for several sessions in advance or for tutoring more than one child.

If your child is resistant to help from an adult or your budget is a little tight, consider hiring an older student. If your child is in middle school, many high schools have a list of students on the honor roll who are available to tutor. The charge is often much less, around $10-$15/hour, and your child may find that it’s “cool” to work with an older student. Their tutor may have even had some of the same teachers, which can provide a nice bond and source of support for struggling students. If your student is in high school, consider contacting the local college for a list of available tutors.

If you don’t have much luck finding a tutor at your local school, you can go online to SitterCity.Com or Care.Com. If you post information about what you are looking for in a tutor or browse profiles, you are sure to find someone who fits your budget and requested level of experience. There are current and retired teachers, college students, and even high school students on the website. Prices vary of course, and you can negotiate cost with the tutor.

If money is truly an issue and your child needs help, your local library or community center may offer free tutoring services. Many older students like to volunteer their time to help others, and this is one way for them to give back. They also benefit from giving their time by putting their volunteer work on their college application. There is often a strict screening process involving a review of grades and recommendations from teachers before a volunteer student tutor is accepted, so just because it may be a free service doesn’t mean it’s a below par. Also, consider contacting your local religious centers, too. As part of certain religious milestones, many religions require a set number of community service hours. Students are always looking for ways to meet these requirements, so you may find a reliable tutor there as well.

Many parents feel overwhelmed by the process of finding the right tutor or worry that it can be an expensive venture. There are many options available to parents that meet any budget. By contacting your school, community center, or going online, you are sure to find the right tutor to fit your child’s needs and your budget.

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